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    The American Kratom Association is governed by a board of directors who establish and oversee the mission, policies, and programs executed on behalf of the organization by an Executive Director and efficient staff.

    Dave Herman – Chairman of the Board

    With a history of working in the non-profit space, Dave brings to the Board a wealth of experience and a track record of success. After 25 years as a Hotel Executive and Mortgage and Investment banker, Dave retired and began working in the nonprofit arena.

    Dave previously worked with a large 501c (4) nonprofit corporation, including serving as Executive Director and National Spokesperson. His experience includes previously testifying before the Congressional Energy and Commerce, Health subcommittee as an expert witness for the Prescription Drug addition to Medicare. His speaking experience includes Nationwide Television, Regional Television, National Public Radio and Newspaper Editorial Board presentation and press conferences.

    Dave has also served in various senior management roles including: Chairman and CEO for a large 501c (3) nonprofit corporation, board member for the Patient Advisory Board for Genentech, member of the Novartis Power of Partnering group, and he also worked on patient advocacy programs with Alcon Labs.

    Chris Bake - Board Member

    Chris Bake began his career working for CSB Marketing and Management Corporation, specializing in direct marketing activities in the Washington DC area. After 16 years with the CSB organization, Chris entered the nutritional arena through Nutrition for Life. 

    While at Nutrition for Life, Chris became a strong advocate for non-traditional treatments and medicines, traveling around the world exploring different options for family members with serious illnesses. Chris believes deeply in the freedom of individuals to make their own decisions on their well-being. 

    For the last 15 years, Chris has built a successful organization as an independent Venture Capital Consultant. Chris brings to the Board extensive experience in organizational fundraising, partnership development, and creative solution development.

    Peter Candland - Executive Director

    Peter Candland is the Executive Director of AKA. Peter brings an extensive business background and is tasked to oversee the AKA contractors, managing day-to-day activities, and providing guidance for the overall strategic plan for the organization. Peter also brings the knowledge necessary to ensure financial compliance with the IRS and that every dollar received is spent accomplishing the mission of the AKA.

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