On October 19, 2018 kratom advocates orgainized by the American Kratom Association (AKA) visited their federal and state congressional leaders accross the country to educate policy makers and deliver information about kratom. Specifically, the advocates shared that kratom has been used safely for centuries and that the FDA is on a crusade to spread misinformation about kratom in an effort to support its efforts to have kratom added to the list of Schedule I drugs.

    Additional information can be found in the press release for the event.

    Below are some highlights from the day—
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    Meeting today with Congressman Justin Amash

    “. . . our meeting today with Congressman Justin Amash was a HUGE success! . . . He listened intently to each one of us as we shared our personal stories about how kratom has positively impacted our lives and health. . . . Mr. Amash told us he signed the bill to keep kratom legal in 2016, which was very positive!”

    “It couldn’t have gone better. I was able to speak with a representative staff member, and he was SO nice! His name was Logan. He was very interested in kratom, our miracle plant! . . . He wants to look further into it and the legalities about possibly taking it to D.C.”
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    “Mr. Rasch seemed to grasp our concerns more and more, and even began to ponder about ways to make good use of this interesting, new knowledge he had just gained, and how to best put forth this information . . . In all, we think the meeting went very well.”
    “The meeting was very positive! . . . Brooke was very tuned in, said she would definitely share all she’d heard, learned and received from us with Congressman Holding.
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    “I met with a staffer for Congressman Blumenauer for over a half hour and I think it went well. The staffer took the info sheet and we talked about the science and how kratom compares to classic opioids and cannabis. He said kratom is definitely on the congressman's radar but he doesn't have a lot of facts, so he appreciated our conversation.”


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