The American Kratom Association has established Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) to keep natural kratom safe and available. Products that bear the AKA seal are certified to be pure and unadulterated. 

    As a consumer you want to make sure that all kratom products bear the AKA seal, assuring you that the manufacturer and vendor are following the American Kratom Associations GMP guidelines. As a manufacturer or distributor you want to protect your consumers, letting them know that your products are safe and pure, meeting the highest quality standards—standards they can trust.

    The American Kratom Association is dedicated to keeping natural kratom pure and safe, securing the supply chain through adherence to the highest quality standards that consumers can trust. To achieve this, AKA is launching the Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) Standards Program.

    The GMP program establishes exacting manufacturing, labeling, and verification requirements for kratom dietary supplements/dietary ingredients that meet or exceed the minimum requirements for manufacturing dietary supplements/dietary ingredients established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    Companies that voluntarily participate in this program will be required to have their facility audited by an independent third party to verify that the company is in compliance with FDA GMP standards, as well as other important requirements. Supplements that meet the exacting standards of the program will be listed on the association's website and be eligible to bear AKA’s seal of certification.

    To qualify a company will need to test every production lot of kratom, assuring it is free of microorganisms of public health concern, as well as disclose the quantity of the mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine alkaloid in the product.

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